Sliding Ball Bushing Seals

ISB seals for axial motion are comprised of a steel metal insert, an elastomeric coating and a lip seal without spring, with special interference.

Sliding Ball Bushing Seal

These seals are suitable for axial movement applications and consist of a metal case, rubber covered and a single thin lip. These Seals for Sliding Ball Bushing Seals can be fitted with the lip in from of the fluid to protect from dust and dirt.


ISB seal rings for sliding bushes can be fitted with the lip facing the fluid or alternatively facing outwards, in the event it must protect against foreign infiltrations.

Special Technical Features

The operating speed that can be withstood by seal rings for ISB sliding bushes is equal to 8 m/s.


Seal rings for NBS sliding bushes can be used in various applications, including:

  • packaging machinery
  • automotive parts and systems
  • marble working machinery

Product list

  • VB
  • VC
  • VCW
  • SD


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