Helical Parallel Gearmotors

Helical parallel gearboxes with two types of cast iron frame, universal or pendant; 3 sizes of gearbox, up to 3200 Nm.

Our supply of cast iron helical parallel gearboxes are specifically for heavy-duty industrial applications. The robust construction using a cast iron carcase, combined with the high degree of modularity from the different input and output kits, make these motors perfect for all types of application.

The series of helical parallel gearboxes are made with two type of carcase – universal, with feet and flat side flange on one side only, or pendant, without feet and side flat flange on one side only.

Features include:

  • Robust cast iron housings
  • High degree of modularity
  • Lubrication with synthetic oil
  • Coupled to motor with flexible coupling

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