Transtecno DC Motor Controls

Single-direction PWM for low-voltage PLN series DC motor speed control; there are two different types, as shown in the characteristics, catalogue and manual.

The main features of low voltage single direction PWM DC motors control PLN 19-8 are:

  • Line voltage at terminals FA1 and FA2: 12 – 24 Vac or 15 – 35 Vdc
  • The speed of the drive is to be controlled by potentiometer, 10-15 KΩ
  • Current Limit trimmer, in order to suit the board for small motors. In order to limit the current, turn clock wise the trimmer
  • Output voltage from terminals FA3 and FA4, from 0 up to Vdc MAX which is proportional to the input voltage. With 35 Vdc input voltage, the max output voltage is about 30 Vdc
  • Output current (*): Maximum output current allowed: 8 A in a ventilated environment, continuous duty.
  • Weight: 0.120 Kg


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