Transtecno Rare Earth DC Helical Parallel Gearmotors

The main features of DC Helical Parallel Geared motors NDFT; the geared motor is composed by the gear drive and a neodymium DC motor.

Shaft-mounted helical parallel geared motors are created by combining a shaft-mounted gear box and a DC motor with Neodymium magnets; the FT range of ND electric motors form a geared motor for which the PDF catalogue can be downloaded here above. The form to ask for information is found at the bottom of the page, while the main characteristics of the permanent Neodymium magnet AC helical parallel shaft-mounted gear motors are listed below.

Summary data

  • Low voltage power supply 12/24 VDC
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Suitable for encoder assembly
  • Motor power ratings available from 160 to 250W S2
  • Die-cast aluminium housing
  • Permanent synthetic oil long-life lubrication
  • Helical gears


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