Tyre Couplings

The extreme elastic design of tyre couplings is interchangeable with leading European and American brands.

The flexible tyre possesses tremendous vibration and shock absorbing qualities and allows compensation for significant parallel and angular misalignment.

We supply tyre couplings that have shock and vibration dampening characteristics creating significant load reduction on machinery and bearings thereby reducing costs and prolonging life.

When used in conjunction with a series spacer, a tyre coupling easily accommodates standard 100, 140 & 180mm spacers. 

Selection Procedure

  1. From Table 1 Service Factors (below), determine the Service Factor.
  2. Calculate the Design Power by multiplying the Absorbed Power of the driven machine by the Service Factor.
  3. Determine the size tyre coupling by matching the Design Power to a Power Rating, (table below) that matches or exceeds the Design Power.
  4. Confirm the dimensions of the selected coupling fit your design requirements and, accommodate, shaft sizes.

B Flanges accommodate larger shaft sizes than F or H Flanges.
H Flanges require and wrench clearance while F & B Flanges do not.

Tyre Couplings Table
Tyre Couplings Table
Tyre Couplings list


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