Multi Cross Forte

The MULTI CROSS FORTE (short form: MCF) is a highly flexible coupling with progressive torsional stiffness.

The MULTI CROSS FORTE (short form: MCF) is a highly flexible coupling with progressive torsional stiffness. The special characteristic of all MULTI CROSS FORTE couplings is the use of individual transmission elements, which are alike within the same type series, but vary in number depending on the coupling size.

This means that only three sizes of coupling elements are required to cover the entire MULTI CROSS FORTE coupling program with a torque range from 160 Nm to 54 000 Nm. The result is a really simple and therefore cost-effective spare parts inventory. Because of the use of the form-fit bolted elements they can be easily be assembled or disassembled – even with the biggest MULTI CROSS FORTE couplings.

The element bolting principle offers universal combinability, allowing the connection of parts directly to other mechanical parts that have the same connection dimensions.


  • Very high torsional flexibility with a progressive torsional characteristic line
  • High compensation capability of axial, radial and angular displacement
  • Backlash-free torque transmission even in case of alternating directions of rotation
  • High torsional vibration and shock load absorbing capability
  • Good heat dissipation which may be generated by the damping effect of the coupling
  • Easy alignment of the coupling
  • Positive fit between transmission element and hub flange to prevent relative movement
  • Cost-effective spare parts inventory by use of the same element size within one series type

Type D2C – Designed to Customer

  • Couplings individually developed according to customer requirements
  • Effective and efficient customer solutions through largely modular components
  • Close cooperation with our partners: consulting, development, design, manufacturing, integration
  • Customer-specific production and logistics concepts, as well as after-sales service
  • Global availability
  • For standard products as well as for production in small batch sizes.


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