Oil Field Chain

Chain & Drives stock a range of Oil Field Chains from D.I.D and Senqcia (Hitachi).

Oil Field Chain

Oil Field Chains are used in a very specific application in the offshore industry. They can be characterized by extremely narrow tolerances and strong fatigue strength. Typically used in multi-row chain strands of up to a dozen pieces.

Oil Field Chains are designed and built to provide maximum performance and reliability for oil field service.

Chain & Drives stock D.I.D and Senqcia (Hitachi) Oil Field Chain, which are built to withstand higher fatigue strength and excellent workability. Loose Fit Center Link Plate for improving workability and solid bushing for Greater Wear Life.

  • wAPI (American Petroleum Institute) quality
  • eAPI logos below are marked on the chain plates


  • Solid bushings and rollers
  • Ballized pitch holes
  • Wide waist link plates
  • Press fitted center link plates for multi-strand chains
  • Patented high energy mechanical treatment for pins
  • Shot peened rollers and bushings
  • Unique “bushed” multi-strand connecting links
  • Factory applied hot dipped wax type pre-lubricant
  • Special 4-pitch riveted type offset links available
  • Patented Stainless Steel blast for link plates


Senqcia oil field catalogue Chain & Drives

Senqcia (Hitachi) Oil Field Catalogue

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