Bicycle Chain

Chain and Drives stocks the D.I.D range of bicycle chain, emblematic with the DID brand.

Bicycle Chain

Chain and Drives stock D.I.Ds range of Bicycle Chains. D.I.Ds Hi Guard Chain (E) with an additional rust preventive treatment has favorable reputation by users.

The bicycle chains have been continuously examined and improved in performance, quality and specifications as seen in the availability of current products. As a result, they are the lightest and most compact chains among products of the same size. Presently, they are used not only for bicycles but for many purposes such as the driving of vending machines and agricultural implements and for conveyor systems.

Features include:

  • Lightweight and Compact design to meet today’s requirement from Bicycle industry.
  • Wide variety products range from general use to race competition and KEIRIN.
  • Hi-Guard coating Bicycle Chains for corrosion resistance and neat appearance.


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