Elite HSP Chain

Based on years of development, testing, and proven performance, the HSP chain combines a proven chain design with optimum material and metallurgical specifications to provide performance and value unparalled in the marketplace.

ANSI chains, as well as specially strengthened versions of chains manufactured to the European standard are available for applications with extremely high loads. “Heavy” versions of ANSI roller chains have the same dimensions as the corresponding ANSI chains, but with plates of the same thickness as those of the next larger size of chain.

HSP roller chains are made from particularly high-quality casehardened steel alloys for increased tensile strength. In addition, the pin holes in the chain plates are ball-drifted to give the chains maximum fatigue strength. The right choice for industrial applications: robust and reliable.

All ELITE transmission roller chains are highly pre-tensioned and treated with our special additive chain oil eliDUR+, a high-tech initial lubricant. Non-drip eliDUR+ offers not only the added advantage of improved running characteristics, but also provides better corrosion protection.


  • Approx. 40% higher breaking strength is applied to pre-stretch our chains by 10% more than required by standard ISO 606
  • Initial lubrication with eliDUR+ ensures extremely high wear resistance
  • Low run-in elongation
  • Tensile strength on average 20% higher than required by standard ISO 606
  • ELITE pins have a smooth, extra- hard surface for increased wear resistance
  • Operating temperature range with eliDUR+ standard lubrication: -5 °C to +70 °C
  • All versions also available in coated form
  • If required, we can deliver your chains ready-made to the desired length
  • Special lubricants for low temperatures down to -30 °C or high temperature applications up to +250 °C available on request
  • On request, iwis delivers chains pair-matched or set-matched and marked


  • Agricultural machinery
  • Wood processing industry
  • Environmental technology, Recycling
  • Lifting devices, Fork lifts
Elite HSP Chain


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