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Iwis, also known as elite, Flexon and JWIS, chains are ready for immediate delivery in breakdown situations. We offer on-site application analysis and design services.

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IWIS supplies everything from high-quality chain drive systems for automotive camshafts, fuel injection pumps, balance shafts, oil pumps and sub-assemblies to a comprehensive range of high-quality chains for a variety of industries. A wide selection of customised chains manufactured to suit individual customer requirements and a comprehensive range of chain/related accessories round off the programme.

The five main IWIS brands cover the entire range of innovative drive solutions. Different performance categories ensure that IWIS can provide the right solution for almost every drive engineering application.

As a system manufacturer, IWIS offer holistic solutions which go far beyond the chain and implicate the application as a whole – technical perfection of highest quality for maximum customer benefit – that is their high standard.

IWIS are technological leader in Europe, who develop and manufacture innovative precision chain systems which set high standards in quality and profitability. IWIS manifold product program high quality standard products through to high-precision quality chains for flexible and customised applications of any kind.


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