Roller Chain

Chain & Drives supply a large range of Chain from market-leading suppliers including IWIS, Kana, Zexus Chain formerly known as Senqcia (Hitachi) and TransDrive.

We stock a full range of TransDrive industrial roller chain ready for immediate delivery and in breakdown situations. We offer on-site application analysis and design service & can specialise any products to suit your specific requirements. 

TransDrive was established to become a leader in the supply of power transmission products. Transdrive chain is available in all sizes in both roller and conveyor chain and is used successfully in a variety of applications.

With the technical knowledge and combined experience of many industry professionals, TransDrive provide its customers with unrivalled service and support, backed by meticulous quality control practices.

ANSI Standard Roller Chains

  • Uniformity consistent heat treated parts
  • Shot-Peened Parts for metal fatigue resistance
  • Assembled with Cold Formed Solid Bushing for size 35 and up
  • Pre-Stretching eliminating initial stretch
  • DID’s unique XT-Power Link implemented as D.I.D standard connecting link(Size 50 to 240)

XT-Power Link

  • A reinforced connecting link with our unique CBP treatment.
  • Up to 65% greater fatigue strength than conventional loose fit type connecting link.
  • Implemented as D.I.D standard connecting link (Size 50 to 240).

BS Roller Chains

  • Conforming to the ISO”B series” and the British Standard.

BS X-RING Roller Chains

  • Conforming to the ISO”B series” and the British Standard.
  • Excellent lower friction, lower noise, longer life and less vibration
  • Great cost saving


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