Cable Chain

Chain & Drives can provide Brevetti Stendalto cable chain products and components.

Cable chains are designed to surround and guide flexible electrical cables and hydraulic or pneumatic hoses connected to moving automated machinery.

Chain & Drives stock Brevetti Stendalto nylon, steel and robotic cable chains.

Brevetti Stendalto’s cable chains are designed to meet any requirement for dynamic protection of cable and hoses. The chains are able to withstand the most heavy-duty applications. 

Brevetti Stendalto’s Steel Series is the best choice for applications with heavy added loads and very harsh work conditions. Steel chains are available in zinc-plated or stainless steel, equipped with aluminium drawplates, steel rods or aluminium machined crosspieces. Typical applications are giant machine tools, foundries and steel plants, high-temperature machines, oil and gas.

Brevetti Stendalto’s Robot Series is specifically designed for rotary motion. The Chain links are robust and stable, in order to guarantee good performance even at high speed. Typical applications are automated machines, welding and handling robots.


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