Flanged Bearing Units

The 4 hole flange bearing design allows installation in various applications and is suitable for very high radial loads.

A flange bearing is a type of mounted bearing in which the mounted shaft runs perpendicular to the mounting surface and the centre line of the mounting holes. Flange bearings come in handy and are often used in applications when there is a lot of vibration. This is because flange bearings assist with aligning and mounting the bearing during installation. This is usually done to lock the bearing in place with the flange which prevents the bearing from moving axially in the applications.

We supply a range of flanged bearing units by PFI with circular or square holes available. Made from cast iron for the housing and an insert bearing with locking grub screws. The flanged bearing units have triple-lip seals and have a spherical nature of the insert bearing which compensates for angle and alignment errors. The bearing units also have a long-lasting protection from highly contaminated abrasive and corrosive materials.

PFI flange bearing units are a cost-effective, highly reliable, field-tested solution for supporting productivity challenges by reducing downtime and maintenance costs while maximizing output.


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