French manufacturer Rollix have designed and manufactured special bearings and slewing rings from 100 to 6000 mms diameter, with and without gear, since 1969.


We keep the World turning

Rollix is the expert in preloaded slewing rings. Thanks to our process of grinding of the raceway and to systematic matching, we offer you a slewing ring that is as precise as possible throughout its lifetime.

Thanks to simultaneous engineering, we produce a product that answers the most specific requests of the most demanding customers (slewing rings made of titanium, aluminium etc…)

Your most rigorous requirements (loads, tightness, speed, noise etc…) are validated on our test beds.

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certification guarantees a product designed and produced according to the rule book.

Our slewing rings conform to the DNV, LLoyd, GL standards and are recognised worldwide.


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