Rollix Slewing Ring RLX-HD Bearings

High capacity slewing bearings for heavy duty applications.

Rolllix Slewing Ring RLX-HD

State of the art technology is specifically designed for Heavy Duty application requiring high capacity for axial loads & tilting moments. Thanks to double row of inclined long Rollers the slewing ring combine very high load capacity & compact geometry optimising the Slewing Ring design and weight. A specific cage allow very smooth contacts in the raceway keeping friction torque to a minimum.

Special sealing for dusty environment in Mining or corrosive atmosphere on Offshore vessels or platform are available. For application in contact with seawater Rollix thanks to specific welding process ensure the correct hardness on the seals contact face to match the require lifetime of your application.

Slewing Bearing for Offshore Crane
Slewing Bearing for Stacker Reclaimer

The HD design can be used for Offshore crane, Aizimuths Thrusters, PODS, Large Stackers Reclaimers, Bucket Wheels, Tunnelling, Large Mining Excavators etc…

For application with very high radial loads and high speeds for example “Heave compensated winches” in deep Offshore, Rollix designed a RLX–HDR specifically for high radial loads, thanks to different angle of Rollers inclination. Our specific cage design and material secure highest rotation speed requirements.

Thanks to specific test bench this design has been ran under the hardest condition to ensure suitability to your applications. RLX–HD delivered to our customers gives full satisfaction & optimisation to the users even in the hardest condition of use.

Rollix specifically design & calculate your RLX–HD to give you the highest technology for your application.

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