Multi Mont Sella – HighSpeed

Torsionally flexible, pluggable claw couplings for high-speed applications.

The torsionally flexible MULTI MONT SELLA couplings (short form: MMS) have been built in series since 1958. This pluggable claw coupling, successfully proven over many years has been continually updated to meet technical developments.

In consistently following the principle of providing the best for the customer, D2C – Designed to Customer, REICH has developed a flexible MULTI MONT SELLA – HighSpeed coupling series (short form: MMS-HS).


  • High speeds
  • Maintenance-free
  • Shock and vibration damping
  • Compensation of axial, radial and angular displacements
  • Ease of assembly and alignment
  • Simple radial element replacement by sliding back the retaining cap
  • Fail-safe operation and high overload capability
  • High-strength aluminium
  • Low weight
  • Adaptable to almost any mounting situation

Type D2C “Your design” – Designed to Customer

The guiding principle of Designed to Customer is the recipe for success behind REICH. In addition to the catalogue products, we supply our customers with couplings developed to their specific requirements. The designs are mainly based on modular components to provide effective and efficient customer solutions. The special nature of our close cooperation with our partners ranges from; consulting, development, design, manufacture and integration to existing environments, to customer-specific production, logistics concepts and after-sales service – worldwide. This customer-oriented concept applies to both standard products and production in small batch sizes.

REICH provides you with not only a coupling, but a solution: Designed to Customer – SIMPLY POWERFUL.


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