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Jwis Precision Chain

Owing to their excellent wear resistance and uniformity, matchless precision and a significantly higher tensile and fatigue strength than the norm, JWIS roller chains enjoy an above-average service life.

Jwis Precision Chain

JWIS is your brand for challenging applications with restricted tolerances and very high fatigue strength, performance and breaking resistance standards.

All IWIS chains are pre-stretched and are provided with highly effective initial lubrication.

Super Longlife

iwis Super Longlife chains (SL series) feature pins with a very high surface hardness. This special design gives the chain outstanding qualities: maximum wear resistance, longer service life, high tensile and fatigue strength, low susceptibility to corrosion and fretting corrosion in the chain links plus enhanced emergency running characteristics to cope with inadequate lubrication.

Technical Information

  • Only high-quality heat-treated and case-hardened steel is used with stringent specifications for materials analysis, tolerances and surface quality
  • Each chain part is manufactured a million times daily to the same precision and is monitored using SPC (statistical process control)
  • All chain parts are heat-treated, in some cases using special processes to optimise quality characteristics
  • Modern production technologies ensure consistent geometry and superior surface quality
  • Chains are checked for dimensional accuracy, length tolerance and flexibility, plus for the press fit joins on pins, outer plates and bush, and inner plate
  • Our high quality assurance standards comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2006
  • For special applications:
    • surface coatings
    • special lubricants
    • special materials¬†(e.g. corrosion-resistant)


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