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8-RS60GY-300 Chemtools Silicone Sealant, All-In-One, Grey, 300ml Cartridge


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About this item

Rapidstick™ RS-60 All-In-One Silicone Sealant is a durable, non-tacky, highly adhesive waterproof sealant with permanent elasticity, specially formulated for expansion joints – particularly those exposed to the outside elements. It has low shrinkage and is resistant to UV damage, fading, abrasion, and cracking, and is suitable for use in harsh environments or under extreme temperature conditions.

RS-60 can be applied to un-primed or painted surfaces without a reduction in performance, adhering incredibly well to most commercial paints, coatings, and glazes for a lifetime, no replacement bond. Its no-slump single-component neutral cure formula slowly absorbs atmospheric moisture to form a permanent elastomeric seal. Once thoroughly cured, RS-60 is unbeatably tough, and will not degrade or lose flexibility with time.

Compatible surfaces include:

  • Most plastics

  • Timber and wood

  • Concrete and bricks

  • Electronic printed circuit boards (PCB) & components

  • Electrical devices

  • All metal types, incl. ferrous, non-ferrous, soft, and coated

  • Mirrors, glass, and laminates

  • Drywall and plaster

  • Granite, marble, ceramics, porcelain, and stone

  • … Plus, many other interior and exterior surfaces.

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