Servo Drives & Gearboxes

We supply a range of Servo Drives, Converters & gearboxes to suit every application.

Servo drives & gearboxes

Compact Drives & Gearboxes

  • 100 W – 3.5 kW
  • Ethernet-based communications, multi-protocol support
  • Innovative multi-encoder interface
  • Extremely compact design


  • Extremely high overload capacity
  • Can be connected to inverters for cost-effective solutions
  • Direct mains connection from 200 V to 500 V

Modular System

  • Single-axis inverter with maximum current from 20 A to 350 A
  • Double-axis inverter with maximum current from
    12 A to 36 A
  • Space-saving design for multi-axis applications
  • Can be powered via power supply unit or converter
  • Energy exchange via common DC bus

Control Units

  • Scalable performance and functionality
  • Individual solutions for standard to high-end
  • Open interfaces for international use
  • Certified safety technology


  • All standard functions already included in basic package
  • Individual function extensions
  • Industry-specific technology functions
  • Integrated IEC-compliant motion logic

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

The powerful Bosch Rexroth PLC systems set new standards for open automation with a consistent control, programming and communication design. Whether you are using a controller, an embedded or industrial PC you can tackle any job rapidly and cost-effectively.

IndraLogic XLC

  • Cutting-edge control hardware with numerous extension options
  • The latest PLC kernel IndraLogic 2G (based on CoDeSys V3)
  • High-performance communication via RT Ethernet SERCOS III for all peripherals
  • Synchronized motion control functionality
  • IndraWorks – The Tool for All Engineering Tasks

IndraLogic L Controller Based

  • Powerful, with extensive functionality and interfaces
  • Scalable, with the innovative IndraControl L platform
  • Centralized and decentralised I/O
  • Open interfaces for networking via Ethernet or PROFIBUS
  • Easy expansion with function modules (IndraLogic L40)
  • Easy integration of HMI solutions

IndraLogic V PC-based

  • Powerful, with extensive functionality and interfaces
  • Scalable with the innovative IndraControl V platform
  • Open interfaces for networking via Ethernet or PROFIBUS
  • Extremely well-suited for industry, with its robust device technology Integrated HMI solution WinStudio and IndraWorks Operation.


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