Guide Rings

Guide rings accommodate radial loads of forces acting on the cylinder assembly and guide the rod in the cylinder head as well as the piston in the cylinder bore.

AMAANDO guide rings

Guide rings are generally made of a polymer material which avoids metal-to-metal contact between moving parts in a working hydraulic cylinder.

At Chain & Drives, we stock AMAANDO’s range of high-quality phenolic resin and bronze-filled PTFE guide rings in various sizes. These guide rings provide high wear resistance and excellent anti-friction properties which increase a longer service life.


  • Significantly longer service life
  • Work more smoothly against the cylinder tube and sealing surfaces
  • Avoid wear of cylinder surfaces despite the presence of contamination particles
  • High resistance to insufficient lubrication at low speeds
  • Provides larger contact area due to higher degree of elastic deformation which distributes the load more evenly and reduces stress to the counter surface
  • Provides certain self-lubricating ability

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