We stock all types of pulley products including SPA, SPB, SPC, SPD, 8V, A & B section.


Our Pulleys are available in single and multi strand (up to 12 grooves) in standard Pitch Circle Diameters (PCD) from 63mm up to 1250mm. They are available in the 4 standard SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC section belts in Vee and Cogged X design.

The SPA, SPB, SPC and SPZ series is the new and improved version of the Vee Belt drive. It is capable of greater power than the standard A, B C & D section, giving a more compact drive.

Standard Taper Fit designs accommodate a huge range of imperial and metric bore. Taper bore hubs available in stock for immediate delivery. Light weight taper lock design allows easy installation onto shafts and simple removal for any future maintenance requirements.

Manufactured from high quality cast iron materials meeting international standards. High quality castings are dynamically and statically balanced, ensuring maximum service life in new and replacement applications. The latest Pulley and Taper Fit Bush technical reference catalogue is available for download from our website.

Bore Types

Pilot Bore

A versatile pulley that has a small, pre-bored hole at the centre, usually smaller than the required shaft size.

To fit onto a shaft, a bushing or adapter is required to fill the gap between the pilot bore and the larger shaft.

Plain/Straight Bore

An efficient pulley, the bore matches the size of the shaft without the need for additional components like bushings.

Taper-lock Bore

A secure and backlash-free connection, eliminating the need for keyways.

These pulleys use a taper-lock bushing have a tapered bore to create a secure, frictional fit on the shaft.



M-Lock Pulleys

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V-Belt Pulley

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