Schaeffler Concept8 Lubrication

Schaefflers lubrication system that gets straight to the point.

Schaeffler automatic lubricators concept8

Chain & Drives supply Schaefflers Concept8 Lubrication System. This lubricator is suitable for minimum-quantity lubrication with grease or oil. It has a maximum of eight lubricant supply line outlets that can be controlled in separate pairs. The outlets are fed by piston pumps that carry out one dispensing operation per actuation. This dispensing operation can be triggered by internal impulses (via the integrated timer) or external impulses (via the SPS). The lubricant cartridges (LC units) are available with a capacity of 800 cm3. An integrated multi-functional interface provides a 24 V DC power supply and I/O communication with higher-level control systems.


  • Max. eight outlets: four double pump bodies with two outlets each
  • Independently adjustable lubrication intervals
  • Powered by a 24 V DC supply
  • Lubricating medium: grease (Arcanol program up to NLGI 3) and oil
  • Lubricant reservoir: 800 cm3 (grease), 1000 cm3 (oil)
  • Delivery pressure: max. up to 70 bar (24 V DC)
  • Operating temperature: −20 ÅãC to +70 ÅãC
  • Operating principle: piston pump
  • Protection class: IP 65


  • Flexible: Pre-filled cartridges with ARCANOL lubricant or empty cartridge for filling with customer’s grease
  • Sustainable: Empty cartridges can be filled up to three time and are environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective: Good price-performance ratio within comparable equipment class
  • Multifunctional interface: For power supply, control (external PLC) and status feedback
  • Special piston pumps: High pressure build-up allows long hose lengths
  • Easy to operate: Intuitive programming via LCD display in the control panel

Areas of Application

  • Electric motors
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Conveyors
  • Robots
  • Machine tools (linear and rotary table guides)


This is how Schaeffler OPTIME works (How2-Video)


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