Pressure Generation Devices

  • Ease of use and low force expenditure
  • Reduced risk of bearing damage
  • Exactly the right pump for every application

Comprehensive reasons to use PUMP hydraulic pumps

Improved ergonomics

These pumps generate high forces with minimal force expenditure and thus provide improved ergonomics.

Greater precision

Defining a starting pressure allows components and rolling bearings to be positioned precisely, which in turn prevents bearing damage.

More options

Three of the four new pumps are suitable for the main application (installation and removal of rolling bearings with hydraulic nuts). The right pressure generation device for the hydraulic nut in question can be selected based on the size and frequency of application.


  • Oil can easily be refilled
  • A wide range of accessories is available
  • New design
  • A digital measuring gauge can be used to monitor the drive-up distance
  • Options for contact pressures of up to 200 N/mm²
  • Easy-to-use version with compressed air

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