Hydraulic Nuts

Chain & Drives supply a range of hydraulic nuts, useful for mounting parts with large forces.

Hydraulic tools can be used to apply large forces. These tools are therefore particularly suitable for the mounting and dismounting of large bearings or parts with a tapered bore. Hydraulic nuts are used as a mounting tool. Manual pumps can be used to generate pressure.

HYDNUT hydraulic nuts can be used to press parts with a tapered bore onto their tapered seat. Presses are mainly used if the drive-up forces required cannot be applied using other accessories, e.g. shaft nuts or pressure screws.

The main applications are as follows:

  • Mounting and dismounting of rolling bearings with tapered bore. The bearings can be seated directly on a tapered shaft, an adapter sleeve or a withdrawal sleeve. The hydraulic nut can also be used for the dismounting of adapter or withdrawal sleeves.
  • Mounting and dismounting of components such as couplings, gears and ships’ propellers.

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