Precision Lock Nuts

Chain & Drives stock the full range of ISB Precision Lock Nuts, manufactures and tested to meet ISO standards.

Precision lock nuts can be remarked by some technical details that distinguish them from common fixing-lock nuts and that give them a higher quality, being the latter rather particular and able to bring great advantages during their use.


  • YSF (side locking)
  • YSA (axial locking)
  • YSR (radial locking)
  • YSK (locking by elastic incision)


  • Rigidity and excellent load capacity owing to the good quality of the adopted materials.
  • Excellent balance and high precision, due to the thorough workings of perpendicularity between the threading and the surface trodden by the locknut.


  • Precise, safe, resistant and balanced fixing.
  • Security washers may not be used.
  • Safe employ even though this may happen in bad conditions
  • The same locknut can be used for further employs.


  • packaging machines
  • production lines
  • machine tools
  • machines for working aluminium and wood
  • protection and coverage systems
  • robots
  • positioning systems
  • measurement and control instruments


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