Articulated Head

Chain & Drives stock the full range of ISB Articulated Heads, manufactured and tested to meet ISO standards.

ISB rod ends are made up of a body, also called a fusion, in the shape of a head in which a spherical joint is permanently inserted.

Thanks to the threads and the welding surfaces, ISB rod ends can be considered excellent support and connection elements, integrating perfectly in different types of applications.

From the type of articulated head it is possible to deduce which ball joint was inserted, for example: SI 30 C (type of articulated head), GE 30 C (type of spherical joint).


  • agricultural machinery
  • gardening machines
  • pneumatic and hydraulic
  • fitness machines
  • lifting systems

Product Range

  • SI..E / ES
  • SI..E / ES 2RS
  • SI..C
  • SI..C 2RS
  • SA..E / ES
  • SA..E / ES 2RS
  • SA..C
  • SA..C 2RS
  • TSF
  • TSF..C
  • TSF ..R
  • TSM
  • TSM..C
  • TSM..R
  • TSF..BB
  • TSF..BB-O
  • TSF..BB-E
  • TSF..RB
  • TSM..BB
  • TSM..BB-O
  • TSM..BB-E
  • TSM. .RB
  • TAC
  • TAPR.N
  • TAPR.U
  • TPN


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