Bevel & Mitre Gears

Chain & Drives supply bevel gears which are used to connect shafts ranging from straight, spiral, mitre and crossed helical.

We are leading distributors for bevel and mitre gears of all types in S1045 steel material from world-best distributors.

Our full-range of bevel and mitre gears are suitable to transmit power between intersecting shafts at any angle and with various sizes available. From straight bevel to mitre bevel gears and with our expertise in this field, our team can even rework the stock bevel gears to suit your application whether its keyway drilled, tapped holes or harden teeth.

Straight Bevel Gear

Straight bevel gears are the simplest and most common form of bevel gears. With tapered conical teeth which intersect the same tooth geometry. Straight bevel gears share many similarities to spur gears due to the similar tooth shape and the way their teeth engage. However, straight bevel gear teeth are conical rather than cylindrical.  

Spiral Bevel Gear

Spiral bevel gears have modified teeth that are curved to a helical angle spiral. These Spiral bevel gears are used in situations where it is important for the direction of rotation of the shafts to be inverted. They provide a high level of control over the way in which the teeth mesh and can be used at high speeds without excessively increasing the load on either end of the teeth.

Screw Gear (Crossed Helical Gear) 

Screw gears also known as crossed helical gears are helical gears of opposite helix angle will mesh when their axes are crossed. This type of gear provides flexibility in design however the contact between teeth is closer to point contact than line contact. This means they have lower force capabilities compared to parallel shaft designs.

Mitre Gear

Mitre gear is another type of bevel gear where the two rotational axes intersect. A pair of straight tooth mitre gears have the same number of teeth, with the exception of minor differences such as set screw holes and keyways, the same two gears can mate with each other.


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