Yilmaz Reduktor H-Series

Yilmaz Reduktor H-Series are cost-effective heavy duty gearboxes manufactured in Europe and are interchangeable with many leading manufacturers.

H Series Heavy Duty


  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Cast iron housing 
  • Nominal torque 470,000nm 


Sizes 14 different sizes to choose from
Reductions Up to four stages 
Nominal Torque 2,500nm to 470,000nm 
Ratio Range 4/1 to 419/1
Input OptionsIEC & solid shaft, special inputs on requests
Output Size 60mm to 240mm diameter
Accessories Output shafts, output flanges, shrink disc, backstop & extruder output
Oil Type Mineral, synthetic & food grade
Cooling Options Heat exchanger, cooling coil, integrated fan & air/oil cooler


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