Hyponic Drive

Chain & Drives supply the complete range of maintenance-free grease lubricated Hyponic® Drives.

The Sumitomo Hyponic® Drive range provide users with a right angle shaft gearmotor, incluidng a motor range of 1/8 to 15 HP, offering compact, modular housing, maintenance-free grease lubrication and with a gear efficiency of up to 93% across all ratios.

The maintenance-free grease lubrication enables the unit to be mounted in any orientation without custom modifications. In addition to general-purpose solutions, with multiple food grade options, Hyponic® is perfect for harsh, high-pressure wash-down environments

Simplify your gear drive assembly and increase efficiency by switching to Hyponic®. 

Features & Benefits

  • Maintenance-free grease lubrication eliminates oil changes
  • A wide range of choices ( 1/8 to 15 HP ) to accommodate all types of uses.
  • Modular design allows for multiple gearheads and motor combinations for increased service factor.
  • A variety of industry packages and options are available, including grease lubrication, antibacterial coating, waterproofing, and low-temperature requirements.
  • Three phase, premium efficiency, high efficiency, for inverters, single phase, outdoors, waterproof, increased safety, compliant with overseas standards

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