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For over 125 years, VULKAN has been producing and developing high-quality couplings for marine drive technologies.

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Vulkan’s history began with the foundation of Mashinenfabrik Louis Schwarz in 1889 in Dortmund, Germany. Initially functioning as a supplier of brewing equipment, tanks and low-pressure compressors for the well-established Dortmund breweries. In 1898 the world’s first clutch, which was capable of being activated under load, was produced for use in lifting machinery, hoists and reversing gearboxes.  It was manufactured by Louis Schwarz, which marked the beginning of VULKAN couplings.

The merger of Maschinenfabrik Louis Schwarz and the company Heinrich Behrend resulted in the establishment of Dortmunder VULKAN AG and in 1926, Maschinenfabrik Hackforth & Co was founded. By 1930 the flourishing construction of couplings and transmission units for ships causing a separation from Dortmunder VULKAN AG to an autonomous VULKAN Couplings was established and has been solely owned by the Hackforth family.

With over 125 years’ experience, VULKAN continue to expand, opening 18 subsidiary companies and over 50 agencies worldwide. VULKAN commit to producing and developing high-quality products with the aim of providing their customers with punctual delivery, product safety that is eco-friendly at a reduced cost.

VULKAN are market leaders in highly flexible couplings for marine engines, shaft systems and elastic mounts. VULKAN’s products are built with innovation, flexibility and reliability, combining the latest technologies with years of industry experience.

At Chain & Drives, we supply the full range of VULKAN Rato Flexible Coupling products such as elastic couplings for ships, generators or compressors and other industrial applications has provided for tailor-made solutions as per customer’s requirements for marine and industrial applications.

Industrial drive solutions of VULKAN Drive Tech have been setting standards in terms of performance and reliability in the harshest conditions. Flexible couplings, rigid couplings, industrial clutches and brakes, shaft systems, backstops and resilient mounts are all available.


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