Thompson Couplings

Chain & Drives supply the full range of durable alignment eliminator couplings (TCAE) and constant velocity joints (TCVJ), articulates up to 10 degrees angular misalignment, in combination with parallel misalignment and extends & compresses to accommodate movement between connected devices.


Thompson Couplings were founded in Australia in 1999 by Glenn Thompson with the invention of a true CV joint that allows two shafts to rotate at constant speed whilst at an angle to one another, aptly named the Thompson coupling.

The Thompson Coupling is one of the most important inventions since the advent of the internal combustion engine and is the world’s first and only practical CV joint to have no load bearing sliding surfaces.

Thompson Couplings are dedicated to the transmission of power in a large variety of rotating mechanical equipment. Specialising in designing and manufacturing shaft couplings and drivelines all with the unique feature of constant velocity, resulting in drastically reducing vibrations and improving the life of the equipment.

Thompson Constant Velocity Joint (TCVJ) ®.

This coupling transfers power through large angles of shaft articulation (up to 30 degrees) specifically for difficult situations where traditional couplings will not work due to excessive vibration.

Thompson Coupling Alignment Eliminator (TCAE) ™

Our compact design coupling is achieving great success in applications such as pump/motor drives where minor misalignment angles prove disastrous for other traditional couplings (gear/grid/elastomeric etc). Within these categories are a wide range of product sizes to suit your individual power requirement for a shaft coupling. We also configure these couplings with a custom length driveshaft for a complete power transfer solution to suit your needs.


  • Requires NO laser alignment
  • Reduces operating costs – Long running life
  • Maintenance Free – Sealed for life
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Reduces downtime breakdowns, operating temperatures & power losses
  • Relieves the misalignment problems and premature wear caused by thermal expansion, vibration & soft footing
  • Minimises the damaging forces that impact on bearings, seals and bodies through side load, overhung & axial load


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