Rigid Coupling

Chain & Drives supply the Rigid Couplings which are used to rigidly connect two shafts.

The RM rigid coupling consists of two cast iron taper lock halves, a male & female flange, fully machined. The male hubs are available with taper lock entry from the Hub side H or the Flange side F. The female hub is available only from the Flange side F. This allows two alternative coupling assemblies as drawn below. For vertical applications use FF assembly only.

We can sell you a variety of couplings that will do this job for shafts as low as 6mm and up to 300mm or larger on request.

Selection Procedure 

  1. Select a size of rigid coupling to fit the larger of the driving or driven shafts.
  2. For severe applications, select the next size up rigid coupling.

Note: HF or FF assemblies can be used on horizontal shafts, only FF assemblies are to be used on vertical shafts.

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