C-Style Miniatures Thomas Disc Couplings

Rexnord offer a range of high precision couplings for low torque applications, through the C-Style Miniature Thomas Disc Couplings range.


The Rexnord Thomas Miniature Couplings are a range of high precision couplings for low horsepower applications. The different styles in the series are designed to accommodate various torque loads.

CC Style

The CC style miniature coupling has both hubs inverted and designed to fit shafts normally encountered at a given torque range. Ideal for use where space limitations require close coupling of the shafts.

CA Style

The CA style coupling has one inverted hub to accept a normal shaft and one extended hub to accommodate oversize shafts.

CB Style

The CB style coupling has both hubs extended to accept two oversized hubs with a larger shaft gap than style CA or CC couplings.

CBC Style

The CBC style offers clamping hubs that are integral to the coupling. The clamping hubs assure a positive fit on the shafts with no loose parts to handle during installation.

All miniature couplings CC/CA/CB/CBC Available in 8 sizes, from 12 through 100 and engineered to accomodate torque loads from 1.1 lb-in through 700 lb-in.

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