Cone Ring Coupling

Cone Ring couplings transmit the load from one member to the other by means of a number of steel pins fitted with multiple, conical section Flexirings.

cone ring couplings

We stock TransDrive Power Transmission and Power Transmission Cone Ring Couplings, with benefits including: 

  • Simple uncomplicated construction
  • Requires no lubrication or maintenance
  • Reduce starting shock
  • Help absorb vibration and provide torsional flexibility
  • Operate in either direction
  • Coupling halves manufactured from high-grade cast-iron. They can be supplied in cast-steel on application. 
  • Each flexiring and pin assembly can be removed by withdrawing them through the bush half of the coupling for ease of replacement of the flexirings after long service.
  • Available in standard, Taperbush, and Rigid coupling models.


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