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Centrifugal Clutches

Chain & Drives are the distributor of Lehane Lawrence Clutches range of centrifugal clutches.

Lahane Centrifugal Clutch

Centrifugal clutches work to transfer rotational power from the source to the load for acceleration. 

Our suppliers, Lehane Centrifugal Clutches, brings three generations and brings over 80 years of experience to the manufacture of centrifugal clutches, creating high-quality clutches suitable for a range of applications. 

To select a suitable clutch, you should consider these six points: 

  1. Basic clutch size (to transmit required power) 
  2. Pulley size (for correct drive speed)
  3. Number and type of grooves (for effective power transmission)
  4. Type of bearing (for long or short idle periods)
  5. Fixing arrangement to the shaft (i.e. Grub screw or washer)
  6. Shaft size and keyway (determined by drive motor)

We supply Lehane Centrifugal clutches Extreme Range, for heavy-duty applications, and Aussie Range, with fully replaceable parts and featuring replaceable shoes with friction material and fully machined components for long reliable life. 


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