Wear Resistant Chain

Chain & Drives stocks the D.I.D Wear Resistant Chains, suitable for applications subjected to contaminations or a lack of lubricant.

Water Resistant Chain

A pioneer of Sealed Chain technology, D.I.D manufactures a wide variety of anti-elongation chains for customers who are concerned with lubrication, maintenance cost and reducing downtime.

X-Ring Chain (LX)/O-Ring Chain (LD)

  • Recommended for the application where regular lubricant is difficult.
  • X-Ring/O-Ring Chains provide up to 20 times longer wear life of Standard Chain.
  • X-Ring reduces friction in halves.
  • X-Ring Chains are available for size 40, 50 & 60.
  • O-Ring Chains are available for size 35 & 80 through 240 and ISO/BS 06B through 16B

Fit X-Ring Chain (LF)

  • Same dimension as ANSI/JIS Standard Chains on overall pin length, outer link width and inner link inside width.
  • Standard guide rail and chain cover can be used without modification.
  • Patented X-Ring’s outstanding grease sealing performance doubles the wear life of conventional Sintered Bushing chain.
  • Size available in 40 through 60.

Sintered Bushing Roller Chain (UR-B)

  • Recommended for the applications where clean environment is required or regular lubricant is difficult.
  • For Low Speed and Light Load applications.
  • Comes with black oxide finishing on link plates as standard.
  • Size available in 40 through 80. Please consult us specifications for double strand UR-B


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