Pin Oven Chain

Chain and Drives stocks the D.I.D range of Pin Oven Chains, designed to prolong operating life and create a cleaner environment.

Pin Oven Chain

D.I.D X-Ring Pin Oven Chain performs exceptionally well in high temperature drying & decorating oven line and its quality performance is well accepted by major Japanese can manufactures.

The twisting resilience of the X-Ring’s four sections greatly increases its sealing performance. This keeps the dirt out and the lubrication in much better than any other O-Ring. X-ring has the greatest wear resistance of any other type of O-Ring or Non O-Ring chain under small amount of oil supply conditions.


  • D.I.D’s X-Ring structure reduces friction drastically by deflecting the seal between the plates compared to conventional O-Ring by squashing.
  • Heat treatment of extended pin prevents snapping and bending.
  • New resin tip endures the high temperature inside oven.
  • New generation long life chain with patented X-Ring provides optimum wear life by sealing grease in between pins and bushings.
  • X-Ring technology reduces the amount of chain lubrication, resulting in less chance of seeing “Off-Taste” & “Leak” caused by Oil Sludge.
  • Less chain lubrication also helps to shorten “shakedown” running time for blow off.


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