Double Capacity Chain

Zexus Chain formerly knows as Senqcia (Hitachi) Double Capacity Chains consist of twice the number of side plates as a single strand chain, therefore its working load is close to standard double strand chain.

Double capacity chain

Double capacity roller chains are the strongest series of chain that is still operational when paired with an ANSI standard sprocket.

Features of Double Capacity Roller Chains include:

  • Wide-waist side plates
  • Hardened pins
  • Solid bushings
  • Solid rollers
  • Heat-treated
  • Shot-peened components
  • Double the side plates

These chains have twice the ultimate strength as a standard roller chain. Double capacity roller chain is used in hoist/lifting applications and heavy-duty drive applications requiring slow to medium speed.

Chain speed should be less than 50m/min. Double Capacity Chains come in three options: DC, TC & FC. DC Chains have double the outer plates of standard chain (4). TC chains have triple (6) and FC chains have four (8). 


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