Chain Wear Gauge

Chain & Drives is pleased to announce its appointment as the West Australian distributor of the FB Chain Wear Gauge with stock now available.

Chain wear gauge

The FB chain wear gauge enables you to track chain wear at each service and take any necessary action.

The FB gauge is a ‘how much worn’ chain gauge, showing chain wear in 1/4 percent increments from 0% to 4% worn with a red warning box appearing at 2%. Old style chain wear gauges only tell you that a chain is either worn out or not worn out.

The FB gauge alerts you to chains that could be dangerously worn out before the next service. The FB gauge will provide consistency across your whole service team. It works on all pitch sizes from 3/8 to 3 inch.

The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauges is a user friendly tool used for measuring chain elongation (chain wear) in imperial pitch leaf chain, forklift chain and roller chain. The FB chain gauge is widely used by forklift truck and other materials handling equipment service engineers and technicians to track chain wear at each service. It is used in thorough examination of lifting equipment according to the LOLER and PUWER regulations.

The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge allows service technicians to spot potential chain failure long before the next service. It makes it quick and easy to decide whether a chain could become dangerously worn before the next service and prevents equipment from being operated hazardously. If a chain is shown to have worn excessively it must be replaced. The Gauge fulfils the service technician’s obligation to inform the machine owner of a worn and potentially dangerous component and transfers the responsibility to take action to them.

Issuing the FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge to all your engineers also establishes a level of consistency across the whole service team. The FB Chain Gauge can be used across many industries and applications where the measurement of chain serviceability is critical to the reduction of downtime and the expense of potential breakdowns due to chain failure.

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