TAS Schafer Locking Assemblies

We supply TAS Schafer Locking Assemblies that are supplied, ready for installation.

TAS Schafer Locking Assembly

TAS Schafer locking assemblies have the main function of a locking assembly that is a safe connection of a shaft with a hub by means of frictional locking. For example between a shaft and a gear hub. The clamping set creates a backlash-free connection by expanding between shaft and hub. This type of connection is mainly used for torque transmission.

The assembly is carried out by inserting the clamping set between the components and then tightening the clamping screws. By using conical surfaces the outer diameter increases and the inner diameter decreases. Radial pressure is built up. The clamping forces are thus provided by the screws (force controlled). This enables direct compensation of the play between shaft and hub.

The locking assemblies are supplied ready for installation.

For proper function and to achieve a sufficiently high coefficient of friction, the contact surfaces of shaft and hub must be clean and covered with an oil film. Machine oil must be used as lubricant. The functional surfaces of the clamping set, the threads and the head supports of the screws are already supplied with an oil film.


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