Pneumatic Brakes

Pneumatic brakes are used in almost every area of mechanical engineering. We supply a useful array of these pneumatically actuated disk brakes.

Elephant Pneumatic Brake Type EB 025 EB 030

Directly pneumatically applied disc brakes are used in practically every area of mechanical engineering. The actuating force is created here through compressed air, and the brake is released by spring force. Its range of application spans from light uses such as web tension control to highly demanding applications such as holding and service brakes that can have a braking force up to 33,000 N with just one calliper, depending on the air pressure. There are almost no limits to the braking torque that can be generated, which depends on the brake disc diameter and the number of callipers!

Pneumatically Actuated

Type EB 025 / EB 030
braking force up to 210 N

Size (mm): axial ~ 60; radial ~ 50 Mass (kg): 0.15

The brake is suitable for light to very light applications in the paper industry, foil and wire processing. The braking force for p = 5 bar is 210 N.

Type R&H 051.100.08 / R&H 051.100.13
braking force up to 880 N

Size (mm): axial ~ 75; radial ~ 162 Mass (kg): 1

The brake is suitable for light to very light applications in the paper industry, foil and wire processing.

Type R&H 300.108.04
Braking force 5,000-17,000 N

Size (mm): axial ~ 360; radial ~ 375 Weight (kg): 26

The brake calliper is designed for heavy duty use in terms of performance. The minimum diameter of the brake disc is 560 mm, the minimum thickness 30 mm. The braking force at p = 6 bar is 5,000 to 17,000 N depending on the size of the pneumatic brake cylinder.

R&H 100 Series
Braking force 160-1,900 N

Size (mm): axial ~ 140; radial ~ 245 Weight (kg): 4.9

The R&H 100 brake calliper with pneumatic actuation (Fig.: R&H 100.103.01) is the most popular calliper series for medium load in practically any area of mechanical engineering. Various brake cylinders are available for this calliper type so that braking forces between 160 and 1,900 N can be achieved at 6 bar.

Type R&H 350.135.01
Braking force up to 30,000 N

Size (mm): axial ~ 355; radial ~ 468 Weight (kg): 49,7

Pneumatically actuated brake with robust design. The R&H 350.135.01 is reliable and offers easy assembly thanks to the ability to bolt on from the side. Extremely robust thanks to large, durable membrane. Fields of use: Paper machines, shaft detents on vessels.


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