Ultrapower AG

Bando’s Ultrapower AG has been specifically constructed for those drives where a clutching function is essential to the successful operation.

Bando 567 Ultrapower AG-KC

Compounded to provide maximum durability during the “clutching” phase of operation, the “KC’s” envelope, aramid fiber tension members, and low profile design provide extended service life and superior flexibility to handle idler and reverse bend drive configurations typical of many power equipment applications.


  • Bando’s “KC” envelope is designed specifically to handle the “wear and tear” of clutching applications. Bias cut, cross woven fabric is oil and heat resistant.
  • Aramid fiber tensile cords transmit up to 20% more horsepower than traditional polyester construction. High modulus cords placed just above the neutral axis resist elongation, reducing or eliminating re-tensioning or expensive take-up mechanisms.
  • The body of the KC is formulated to reduce heat buildup for a cooler running, longer lasting belt.


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