Classical V-Belts and Wedge Belts

Classical V-Belts are most widely used power transmission belts. Economical and easily obtained for replacement.

Bando V-Belt Green Seal Oil Heat Resist A28 OCPW

V-belts and wedge belts are designed to link two or more rotating shafts. They offer high efficiency, high misalignment tolerance, and are economical and virtually maintenance free. They are used to drive and control moving component parts in automotive, industrial and agricultural applications.

Our range of Classical V-belts are manufactured with the highest quality of materials, allowing them to achieve superior power ratings that offer advantages including an increased factor of safety on critical drives.

Belts manufactured with this profile come in several sizes A, B, C, D, E and Z/M.

The standards followed by PIX and Bando has put the tolerances to be much more stringent than BS 3790, which forms the basis of Classical Belts.   

Chain & Drives can also supply specialised belting to suit your individual requirements.


  • Top width to height ratio: 1.6:1 
  • Temperature range: -18°C to +80°C 
  • Maximum recommended belt speed is 30m/sec 
  • Permissible flex rate f=80 per second 
  • Antistatic, Oil and heat Resistant   


Primarily used as a replacement on industrial drives. The classical belts are recommended in special applications such as V-flat drives. In the same manner these belts are advantageous where reverse idlers have to be used, because of smaller heights.   


PIX and Bando manufacture a range of Classical V-Belts. The nominal length designation for these belts is inside length in inches. Range A & B Section C,D & E Section Classical Belt Dimensions 

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Classical V-Belts

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