Stainless Steel Bearing

All ISB stainless steel products are manufactured in AISI 440C stainless steel, FM 222  food grade grease – which guarantees high performance, in particular in food production machinery – and silicone seals.

stainless steel bearing

We stock a range of ISB stainless steel bearings, balls and races manufactured from 440C stainless steel balls and races, all available with a range of small to large bore diameters.

This material provides maximum corrosion resistance in applications and environments where critical to respond to various needs.


The correct choice of stainless steel (AISI 440C) component allows a reduction in machine maintenance costs, less eventual faults and a general reduction in maintenance system costs.

Technical Features

AISI 440C steel can influence the life and reliability of products, preventing corrosion that typically occurs in environments with high levels of humidity and containing chemical substances.


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