Split Bearings

A split bearing is a shaft bearing made in two pieces that are bolted together.

Split Bearing

Split bearings are designed and developed to maximize service life and minimize maintenance effort making them a cost-effective bearing.

The features to a split bearing are superior sealing, swivel cartridge and is completely split to the shaft. This type of bearing provide many benefits such as quick and easy assembly and higher productivity and reduced downtime with maintenance that leads to an extended application life.

Mounting of split spherical roller bearings leads to the reduction of machinery and plant downtime resulting in significantly lower mounting costs.

In many cases, split bearings can also save considerable costs in new construction since they simplify the assembly process and facilitate mounting.


  • Completely split to the shaft
  • Superior sealing
  • Swivel cartridge


  • Easy & quick assembly
  • In situ change out
  • Reduced downtime
  • Higher productivity
  • Extended application life


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