Rex Spherical Roller Bearings

Rex roller bearings address one of the biggest causes of premature bearing failure: misalignment. This has set the standard for bearing performance, superior shaft mounting and customisation.

Rex Roller Bearing

The Rex roller bearing’s unique two-piece outer race provides industry leading static and dynamic misalignment capacity of +/- 2 degrees–double the capacity of other bearings in the market. Additional static misalignment capacity allows for inaccuracies in the installation process, reducing the potential of premature bearing failure due to installation error. Similarly, additional dynamic misalignment capacity accommodates increased shaft movement during operation, reducing the potential for premature bearing failure.

Rex roller bearings two-piece outer ring has the ability to address the most common bearing issues in the field—without replacing bearings. Common issues including vibration, high operating temperature, noise, high speed, and shock can be eliminated through quick, easy adjustments of internal clearances. Rex bearings are the only solid housed bearings with this unique capability.

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