PT Select Roller Bearings

PT Select is Rexnord’s line of high quality off the shelf roller bearings.

The PT Select spherical roller bearing line was developed to answer customer demand for high quality, standard off the shelf bearings. Customers who require high-quality bearings for common applications can count on PT Select. PT Select bearings are designed to operate with the highest performance possible.

PT Select spherical Roller bearings offer both clearance and triple lip seal options, and PT Select’s triple lip seals offer superior speed ratings. PT Select bearings undergo 100% spin testing to ensure smooth concentric loading.

PT Select’s precision geometry is designed to reduce stress on the housings and create a cool running bearing with minimal vibration.

Available in common shaft sizes and housing styles, PT Select is the go-to roller bearing solution for high quality and fast delivery. PT Select outclasses and outperforms the competition.


  • State-of-the-art housing design allows increased strength while optimizing material
  • Industry standard dimensions for interchangeability with leading brands
  • Engineered bearing seals for increased product life
  • Shaft ready and pre-lubricated with our standard grease for normal operation
  • Integrated, lloT-connected QR Code

Available in the following Housing Units

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