Rotary Table Bearings

Also known as Axial-radial bearings are double-direction axial bearings for screw mounting with a radial guidance bearing.

Rotary table bearings

These ready-to-fit, pre-greased units are very rigid, have high load-carrying capacity and operate with particularly high accuracy. They can support radial forces, axial forces from both directions and tilting moments free from clearance.

Schaeffler’s ZKLDF axial angular contact ball bearings are low-friction, ready-to-fit, greased bearing units with high accuracy for very high speeds, high axial and radial loads and high demands on tilting rigidity.

Axial-radial bearings with angular measuring system YRTM and YRTSM correspond in mechanical terms to series YRT and YRTS but are additionally fitted with an angular measuring system.

Variants of rotary table bearings include:

  • Axial-radial bearings
  • Axial angular contact ball bearings
  • Axial-radial bearings with integral measuring system

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