UCF 4-Bolt Flanged Units

Flange blocks (UCF) have a 4-bolt mounting system, typically used when the shaft passes through the machine at a right angle.

Chain & Drives supply PFI’s UCF 4-bolt flanged units. These robust 4-bolt units are made from cast iron and are designed to support shafts through walls, bulkheads and other flat surfaces. The housing mounts flush to the surface and the load is carried by the four mounting bolts.


  • Cast iron housings and an insert bearing with locking grub screws
  • Triple-lip seal
  • The Spherical nature of the insert bearing compensates for angle and alignment errors
  • Long-lasting protection from highly contaminated abrasive and corrosive materials.

In the event you need to relubricate the UCF blocks, always consult the specific relubrication cycles recommended in the operating manual of your equipment manufacturer.


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