Covers & Greasers

The ISB greasers and oilers are made of transparent Lexan®, a plastic material with high mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance; this solution allows to control the consumption of the lubricant at any time.


Inside the Lexan® capsules there is a spring that allows an immediate activation of the ISB greasers and oilers, so they do not need any electrical energy or gas to operate; the lubricant flow remains constant, with no solid matter accumulation and consequently there is a high saving in terms of production stops and possible repairs.

The ISB greasers and oilers can be refilled more times from side lubricator H (under request the DE side lubricator is available); they can be installed wherever a point to be lubricated is present (bearings, bushes, joints etc.) .


• Material: Polypropylen (SR 50)
• FDA approved
• Open cover with stainless steel ring
• Range of colours on request


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